Welcome to the House of Chef James Mitchell

“This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun”
- Julia Child -



A couple of years ago, Chef James Mitchell and I, created our parent company: The House of Chef James Mitchell. inc.

We set out to bring home-cooked meals back to the kitchen tables of our community & our neighbourhood families.

The past couple of years have been truly magical to say the least and it has finally given me the privilege to spearhead the next big project in the Mitchell Family Clan !!

I have always wished to open up a Cooking School like no other, where we would be able to offer a personalized, hands-on approach to the culinary arts. We are so very proud to announce that we have officially launched our new Culinary Cooking School, The House of Junior Chefs.

First, a little bit of history...

I have always had an experimental side and wished for many years that I would have learnt how to cook as a child. When we were all younger, it usually was our parents who would do the cooking while we were told to head to the table and finish our homework. When were we suppose to learn the fundamentals of cooking. Luckily, we had a handy class in high school called Home Economics. In this Class, I was taught how to make Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookies & Pie Crust. That was about it folks!

Fast forward to my early 20's, I am living alone for the first time and going through the IGA with about $600.00 worth of groceries, please keep in mind, I am alone. That was the amount of food my mom always bought for, mind you, I had 2 brothers and sister and my family was made up of 6 hungry Europeans. Suffice it to say, everything went bad in my fridge. This could have been all avoided if I had learnt how to shop for one person and how to make cost effective meals that would last throughout the week.

All this to say is that, I had wished that someone would have taught me how to cook a snack for myself or showed me how the grocery stores worked perhaps demonstrated how to use a stove to cook anything.

We look so forward to being apart of your child's tasty adventure.

See you all soon, Happy Thoughts & Tasty Treats,

Founder, President of The House of Junior Chefs.
Co-Founder, President of The House of Chef James Mitchell, inc.




Sarah Thorpe

Senior Chef Instructor & Assistant Director at the House of Chef James Mitchell

Having a pastry chef and classically trained chef for a mother certainly helped me nurture my passion for food and the culinary arts. I would always watch her work in the kitchen with such a fascination and learned the basics from a very young age. And I’ll never stop learning. She taught me one of the most incredible lessons that changed my culinary journey, and that is that “you don’t have to necessarily like it, but you have to try it!” And it’s not always easy, but sometimes the tough things offer the most reward!! I love being able to pass these words of wisdom on, and open the minds and palettes of the next generations. Creating and sharing delicious recipes with the junior chefs is such an incredible experience. This is a way of life and brings passion forward in such a real and fun way!

My Favourite food and movie are...

I’d have to say that French and Italian cuisines are my favourites. Really too close to call!! And my mum is a pastry chef!!! How do you choose between a macaron and cannoli?? In the meantime, my new greeting is ‘Bonjour, ciao’

My Favourite place to be is...

My happy place, of all the sights I’ve seen, is beautiful Algonquin Park. It’s a slice of heaven, in this too-busy life. Always gives me a gentle reminder that there’s so much value in just a moment of peace. It’s okay to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remember that “you got this”, even if it takes a couple of repetitions for it to sink in again. In our home, the kitchen is our ‘Happy Place’. And I can’t believe I get to help make it the same for our Junior Chefs.

Grace Moore

NEW !! Instructor of Junior Chef Academy | Chanterelles ( 5 year olds )

I am a true adventurer when it comes to food. I became very interested in cooking during the pandemic, as it gave me the chance to explore different recipes and techniques.

I have been working with the House of Chef James Mitchell for over a year and have fallen in love with cooking. It is fun doing it alone or with friends and family. Getting to share my cooking with others means a lot to me.

My Favourite food and movie are..

My favorite food would have to be pasta. I love how many different types you can have, from different noodles, sauces, and add-ins. My favorite movie would have to be Ratatouille because it really shows how you can do anything you put your mind to and not give up on doing what you love

My Favourite place to be is...

On the beach, nothing is better than your feet in the sand and the sun on your face. Exploring the ocean and all the wildlife within is my favorite. As well as all the fruit I get to eat being in a tropical environment.