Perfect for children wishing to celebrate their special day inspired by the hit T.V show ‘Nailed it!’

Our Bakers will begin with decorating their aprons* while our MC instructors introduce the Kitchen safety rules

Let's get cooking! Time to prepare our workstations with all the baking essentials for this scrumptious challenge.

The bakers are in for a wild ride! They have a mere 25 minutes to create a scrumptious masterpiece that does justice to the MC Instructor's design.

Time to get those creative baking juices flowing! Each student will get to whip up their own mouth-watering version of our chosen themed treat. During the final stage, the MC will step out. The bakers will then place their delicious art randomly on the showcase table.

Get ready for the moment of truth! The MC will soon be making the rounds to crown the top three champs, who will walk away with some extra cash in hand.

Each guest will have enough $M to pick a treat from the Golden Treasure Chest.** "*For younger children, other methods non-competitive can be selected as well"

You will then have 30 minutes or so for present opening or free time to enjoy your guests.



Per guest. Minimum of 8 guests if less guests the minimum will still be charged. “Plus applicatble taxes




We require full payment at time of booking.

Once booked, there is no cancellation, however we can postpone the event, so long that it falls within 6 months of the original reservation date.

Unfortunately there are no excep this rule.



"Pigs in a Tub" Kit Kat Cake

(1 Mini Layered Cake each)

Nintendo Mario World

Koopa & Mushroom Cake Pops (4each)

Pikachu & Pokeballs

Dream Cupcakes

Fondant & Butter Cream (2each)

Rainbow Oreo Pops

Dream Cupcakes

Fondant & Butter Cream (2each)

Parents Corner

Information & FAQ

Important : please Click here to view and submit the Permission Form.

Our team of professional chefs and instructors will be there to guide you through the days event.

Prepare yourselves for a fantastic birthday that you and your guests will never forget!!!

Do | need to stay on-site?

We require at least 2 Adults to stay and supervise the children.

We ask that children be dropped off by their parents as space will be limited.

Are their any required documents that need to be signed?

Each Child must fill our a permission form. Please ask the parents to arrive earlier to be able to fill out the document or a link can be sent to you to be included in your invitations.

What should the Children wear?

Recommended Invitation Details: Wear comfortable, non-slip shoes. *Please note that each child must fill out a medical form & waiver. Please advise of any allergies.

Info on Pick up and Drop off

Due to the limited space in our kitchen, parents are encouraged to drop-off their children, and to pick them up once the party is completed, in lieu of staying during the event.

Organizers must ensure that all guests are picked up in a timely fashion.

May | add more Time to the Party?

Please contact us for more information to see the pricing and the availability for your chosen day.

May we bring food or beverages?

Absolutely, * you may provide snack food & Beverages. We also have a fantastic menu that you may pre-order from and that will be provided for you on the day of your event. This does not included cutlery, drinkware and so on. *Note that a microwave will be the only available source for you to use should you prefer to bring your own items. No Stove or Stove top will be lit during any Birthday parties.

**Please note that it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to handle guest behavior, incidental illness and/or emergency situations. Neither House of Chef James Mitchell Inc nor House of Junior Chefs accepts liability for such instances.