Gather them all ...

Consider that our wonderful world is comprised of millions of flavors, cultures, people, animals and so on...

Navigating this can prove sometimes to be  challenging. There is a vast difference between being alive, and living. 

One can lead to regret, and the other can offer a lifetime of opportunity.

Creating a safe, creative space where our students can explore their world and surroundings is the reason we created this program. 

Learning skills as a group is a vital learning tool and encourages individual growth, as well as the ability to look at life with different perspectives, and through different eyes. 

With our Badge Bar, the adventure can begin. Let's pack up the family & friends, so we can all celebrate these challenges so we can all grow together as a community.   


Important Details

All fees for the badges are covered via the Class fees every semester.

All Student must print out their pdf Checklist and submit it to their MC during class to order their badges. There can be a delay for the badges. 

We want our encourage our students to practice caution and be accompanied by a parent or guardian whilst taking part of any of our challenges. 

The House of Junior Chefs, its employees, agents and insurers have no liability and accept no liability for injuries occurring to students during their participation in interscholastic athletics or sports and related extracurricular teams or activities. The student and parent(s)/guardian(s) assume any and all risks, including, without limitation, risk of injury and risk of incurring medical expenses associated with the participation by the student