Mignonettes Spring 2023

Enhancing Kids' Culinary Skills and Safety Awareness

The Mignonettes level opens up the opportunity to expand, just a little bit more, their independence in the kitchen, all the while working in teams.

They will be exposed to awesome cooking tools and kitchen equipment to properly execute their delicious, healthy, colourful dishes.

Certain safety measures will be introduced as well, such as correctly cleaning their produce before cooking with them, safely using a ‘kid-friendly’ knife & Fire safety.


We have a whole lot of Surprises just awaiting you all in the Creators Lab. Sneak Peak to this semesters New Badges!!!


All Levels Badge:

🔥Fire Planner🔥

💮Spring Session Badge:

- 🌿 Kitchen Scrap Garden

- Mind-Craft your Manners

We have so much in store for you all and we can not await you all in the Lab !!

Our hope is...

That we will ignite a passion that will make them want to continuously return and show up to the cutting board, again and again, and apply their skills throughout their entire lives.

Not to mention teaching their parents a thing or two...

Are you ready to see YOUR Junior Chef shine in the kitchen?

Our instructors participate in the building blocks of each Junior Chef's adventure, while promoting their independence and solidifying fundamental skills that will guide them throughout their life.

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    $375.00 + txs
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    Important Details

    All fees cover each session. There are four sessions per year.

    Each session includes all food costs, kitchen fees, in-house activities, registration fees & administrative fees. It does not cover supply list, uniforms or field trips.

    • A discount will apply to every class above one per child/family.
    • Additional fees include students personal tools, aprons, chef jacket, field trips, traveling costs & supply list given at the beginning of each session.
    • Payment may be made by credit card. If registering in person, payment may be made in full upon registration by cash or cheque.
    • Alternatively, payments can be made monthly in up to 2 installments on the 15 of the month. Please contact the office for more information and to make payment arrangements.
    • In this case, post-dated cheque must be provided. Cheques can be written to House of Chef James Mitchell.inc