• Participation in class
  • Encouragement of others
  • Positive Mindset
  • Organizations
  • Passion for the culinary art
  • MC must invite to join the program.
  • Ability to overcome challenges.
  • Must be creative with ideas.
  • Must like to enjoy creating new
    recipes and fun activites for the

( JC's can requeste to be considered as well.)


The Apprenticeship Program

This program is directed to our Junior chefs who showaninterest in wanting to take part in the inside involvement and structure of the academy. They will be asked to takepart in other classes and assist the MC Chefs throughoutthe semesters.

We want to begin teaching our JC Pestles the importanceof building confidence with their ideas and learning howtocreativily bring forth their ideas and goals into reality. Wewill teach them how to take part of being meeting andbrain storming sessions. This will encourage themto haveself confidence especiallly amoungst adults that respect their opinions and suggestions.

They will take part in upcoming field trips, upcoming projects & special events that are created for the academy. They will take part in meetings and strategic brainstormingsessions. They will be a part of the prestigious executivecorner and will be on the first milestone in continuingontoone day becoming themselves a teacher at our academy


Our requirements for this program:

  • Must Purchase your '' Red Apprentice Chef Jacket'' **
  • Must Attendant all Executive Corner Meetings
  • Must Assist in a minimum of 3 classes per session.
  • Must follow the code of the Executive Corner Codex.
  • Be enrolled in all 3 semesters of the Academy.
  • Participate in Field Trips, Showcases & Special Events pertaining to the Academy. **


All students who participate in this program
will gain experience and skill sets such as:
  • Learning how to work with or within a team
  • Community responsibilities
  • Trailblazing their own path
  • Leadership vocabulary
  • Responsibility in stressful situations
  • Communication skills
  • Empathy towards others and their choices·Inclusion and tolerance

**The fee for this program is $150.00 for the 3 semesters.

Additional fees may apply for field Trips & other events.

Join our program for $150.00 for the 3 semesters

* Additional fees may apply for field Trips & other events.

    Child's Name


    JC Executive Corner

    Important Details

    All fees cover each session. 

    Each session includes all food costs, kitchen fees, in-house activities, registration fees & administrative fees. It does not cover supply list, uniforms or field trips.

    • A discount will apply to every class above one per child/family.
    • Additional fees include students personal tools, aprons, chef jacket, field trips, traveling costs & supply list given at the beginning of each session.
    • Payment may be made by credit card. If registering in person, payment may be made in full upon registration by cash or cheque.
    • Alternatively, payments can be made monthly in up to 2 installments on the 15 of the month. Please contact the office for more information and to make payment arrangements.
    • In this case, post-dated cheque must be provided. Cheques can be written to House of Chef James