• Completion of the Pestles Program
  • Superior Leadership Skills
  • Advance Communication Skills
  • Excellent Organizations
  • Passion to teach the culinary arts
  • MC must request to be apart of this program and pass two observation sessions in class.
  • Self-confidence & Attention others limitations.


The Teachers-in-Training Program

This program is directed to our Junior chefs who aimtobecome a teacher at the academy teaching the chanterellesand mignonette levels. They will be supervised by aMCInstructors throughout their program.

The goal is to prepare our JCs by taking the skills alreadylearned throughout the academy such as the importanceofpositive influence and leadership by example.

Our Teachers can acclimatize themselves to a multitudeofsituations and challenges. They will Learn the skills necessaryto teach the Level 1 group of our JCs.

They will also be participating in a First Aid Course that willallow them to attain their certification. We will alsobeteaching them the core topics of the MAMPAQ requirements.Each Student will be observed and assessed by our current MC Chief Chefs & Directors to earn their MC Certification.

They will then be allowed to teach our Aiolis & Continueontoother levels according to their certifications.


Our requirements for this program:

  • Must Purchase your '' Blue Apprentice Chef Jacket'' 
  • Must Attendant all Executive Corner Meetings
  • Must Teach the First Year Chanterelles & Mignonettes
  • Must follow the code of the Executive Corner Codex.
  • Be enrolled in all 3 semesters of ''The Juliennes''.
  • Participate in Field Trips, Showcases & Special Events pertaining to the Academy.
  • Must Take the First Aid Training ( Fees Apply)
  • Will Teach the Truffles Camp a minimum of 2 themes.


Year One

  • Attain their Certification Level One MCTT. (Master Chef Teacher-in-Training Diploma)
  • Elligible to teach = The Chanterelles + The Mignonettes
  • Junior Chef First Aid Course Level 1 **

Year two

  • Attain their Certification Level One MCTT. (Master Chef Teacher-in-Training Diploma)
  • Elligible to teach = The Aiolis + The Cheffonades
  • -Junior Chef First Aid Course Level 1 **

**The fee for this program is $650.00 for the each semesters.

Additional fees may apply for field Trips & other events.

Join our program for $650.00 for the 3 semesters

* Additional fees may apply for field Trips & other events.

    Child's Name


    JC Executive Corner

    Important Details

    All fees cover each session. 

    Each session includes all food costs, kitchen fees, in-house activities, registration fees & administrative fees. It does not cover supply list, uniforms or field trips.

    • A discount will apply to every class above one per child/family.
    • Additional fees include students personal tools, aprons, chef jacket, field trips, traveling costs & supply list given at the beginning of each session.
    • Payment may be made by credit card. If registering in person, payment may be made in full upon registration by cash or cheque.
    • Alternatively, payments can be made monthly in up to 2 installments on the 15 of the month. Please contact the office for more information and to make payment arrangements.
    • In this case, post-dated cheque must be provided. Cheques can be written to House of Chef James