Specially designed for children and youth. In these camps, participants can enjoy various activities and workshops and cooking, while learning new skills and socializing with other children.

This unique experience is not only fun for the children, but also allows them to develop their self-confidence, social skills and ability to work as part of a team.

Our hope is...

That we will ignite a passion that will make them want to continuously return and show up to the cutting board, again and again, and apply their skills throughout their entire lives.

Are you ready to see YOUR Junior Chef shine in the kitchen?

Our instructors participate in the building blocks of each Junior Chef's adventure, while promoting their independence and solidifying fundamental skills that will guide them throughout their life.

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June 24th - 28th, 2024

Fairy Tale Mystery Ingredients

Led by our experienced fairy tale chef, you'll unravel culinary mysteries, learn innovative cooking techniques, and discover the magic behind transforming ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, this class promises to ignite your imagination and tantalize your taste buds!

$550 + tax

July 22nd - 26th, 2024

Minecraft & Video Worlds

Under the guidance of our expert gamer-chefs, you'll learn to wield your spatula like a sword and conquer kitchen challenges with the finesse of a seasoned player. From crafting edible pixel art to mastering recipes inspired by in-game delicacies, each session promises to level up your cooking skills while indulging your love for gaming!

$550.00 + tax

August 12th - 16th, 2024

The World of Tim Burton

Under the guidance of our expert chefs, you'll learn to channel your inner "Mad Hatter" and experiment with unconventional ingredients and techniques to bring Burton's fantastical visions to life on your plate. Whether you're crafting a savory delight inspired by the dark and mysterious streets of "Corpse Bride" or concocting a sweet treat reminiscent of the vibrant world of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," you'll embark on a culinary journey that's as visually stunning as it is delicious!

$550.00 + tax

August 19th - 23rd, 2024

Around the World Culinary Adventure

Led by our team of experienced chefs, you'll learn to master authentic recipes from around the world, unlocking the secrets behind each dish's distinct flavor profile and cultural significance. From street food favorites to gourmet delicacies, every session promises to expand your culinary horizons and transport your taste buds to far-flung destinations.

$550.00 + tax

August 26th - 30th, 2024

Sushi-Scape & Techniques

In this hands-on class, you'll dive deep into the rich tradition of Japanese sushi-making, uncovering the secrets behind perfectly seasoned rice, expert knife skills, and artful presentation. Under the guidance of our seasoned sushi chefs, you'll learn to roll, slice, and plate an array of sushi creations, from classic maki rolls to innovative nigiri and sashimi variations.

$550.00 + tax


9:00am to 3:30pm
Truffles: Age 5-7
Zesters: Age 8- 14


- All regular camp activities are included in the fees
- All equipment and ingredients
- Lunch
(Our junior chefs will prepare their meals in the morning)


It is possible to purchase aprons with their names or provide them with one that they will use throghout the camp.
*Students enrolled in the Junior Chef program can wear their chef jacket.
* Price to be confirmed.
Non-slip running shoes or closed-toe crocs (sandals are prohibited at any time).
Baseball cap (black), this can be purchased from our company or students can wear their own cap..
Long hair should always be tied back.



We want to welcome you and prepare you to embark on a culinary journey. discovering the world of pastry, cooking and many other things...

Our program is designed to enable our young chefs to learn to cook through the following elements: taking on challenges, building self-confidence, assessing risks intelligently and, ultimately, learning to eat.

We believe in passing on culinary knowledge, because in the home of Chef James Mitchell, the love of cooking shines through our chefs. We look forward to inspiring people of all ages to step up to the cutting board and join us.

Making a difference starts with a simple bite!

To prepare our young cooks to work in our kitchens, we ask that you please review these rules, terminology and guidelines with your children's parents. This will ensure our campers are ready to enter our kitchen and start all the fun activities safely.

Security Terminology

These two terms are used at the start of the day and at lunchtime. We also use the following terms when returning from lunch and at the end of the day. Our instructors will direct campers for StarUP or StarDown entering and exiting the kitchen.


  1. Long hair tied up or tied back
  2. Wear a hat, bandana or hairnet
  3. Put on an apron
  4. Change shoes (if applicable)
  5. Wash one's hands
  6. Sanitation of the workplace
  1. Disinfection station
  2. Change shoes (if applicable)
  3. Remove the apron
  4. Wash one's hands


1. Wash hands before handling food, during preparation and after.

2. CLEAN as you go! A clean kitchen = good food!

3. Wear your apron or chef's jacket to protect yourself and your clothes.

4. KEEP mouth away from food while preparing. (Raw foods can be dangerous)

5. READ the recipe until the end. *For the youngest, they will be assisted in reading.

6. Gather all the ingredients and cooking tools before starting the recipe.

7. Learn how to use your instruments and tools before handling them.

8. Hot foods should be kept hot and cold foods should be kept cold.

9. WASH your tools and equipment after use and store them outside.

Security measures

This section provides an overview of what students will learn in class on the following topics; Cooking/Food and Fire Safety. We suggest you read this document with your child in preparation for the practical lessons they will learn with us.



**Some germs in food can make you sick and cause what are called "food illnesses." We cannot see them, nor taste them, nor smell them, and no one can get sick from them.

Here are some tips to avoid getting someone sick

- Be aware of allergies and intolerances.

- Do you have cut or blister on your hand? Always wear a glove to protect yourself and the food.

- Food should be handled with clean hands and kept at the correct temperature.

- Cross-contamination can cause dangerous side effects, so always take care to keep identical products in their  place and separated from each other.

- Place products safely in the refrigerator, covered and labeled. (raw at the bottom, cooked at the top)

- Use a cutting board and clean utensils for each food preparation.



** On site we will demonstrate and identify safety equipment **

- Identify the different types of fires and how to put them out

- Identify exit points and outdoor assembly areas



- Keep all your personal belongings in your black box and keep them away from food at all times.

- Never run into a kitchen, aways walk

- NEVER play with a sharp tool (EX: chef's knife, bread knife, scissors, peeler, etc)

- NEVER leave sharp tools in a sink filled with soapy water.

- Pay attention to hot areas and surfaces to avoid burning yourself.

- To avoid electric shock, always keep hands dry and stay away from water sources.


If you think something is wrong, ALWAYS let the teacher know.

What do we bring?


Water bottle


Kitchen shoes (if applicable)

Hair elastic

Hat or bandana

Binder (1 or 2 inches)

Sheet protectors (10)

Loose paper sheets or exercise book



Bug repellant

**Clearly label each item.



Here is a list of words you will use and hear in class:


When you walk behind someone, you must warn them, so that no one gets hurt..


"Yes chef"

Recognition of instructions given by the teacher. This ensures that the order or instructions have been heard and understood



Hot surface, hot element, hot food. A warming that indicates that something is hot.



Someone who warns that he walks with a knife (according to the rules of the art).